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Sheet music

Marez Oyens, T. de, Werken met moderne klanken: samenspel voor stemmen en instrumenten (Haarlem: De Toorts, 1978). Pdf.

Radio broadcasts

De Witte Karavaan van Tera de Marez Oyens/Caroline Ansink (uit 1996) en Suite du petit Prince (1973) in De Muzikant, Concertzender (broadcast 3 augustus 2017).

Dreams of Madness, for choir and electronics (1991), by Groot Omroepkoor conducted by Tera de Marez Oyens, (Concertzender, Sonoor, broadcast 4 juni 1997)

Concertzender 'Kroniek van de Nederlandse muziek' (broadcasted 28 March 2009): music by Tera de Marez Oyens played by the Radio Symfonie Orkest and the soloists Robert Szreder (violin) and Ronald Brautigam (piano).

Concertzender 'Bijdetijds' (broadcasted 30 June 2008): a special edition about female composers.

IKON Musica Religiosa: Kerkmuziek in de Nederlanden (broadcasted 28 February 2010): with ds. Gerrit van Schuppen and church musician Juul Ouwehand, both are fellow board members of Tera de Marez Oyens in the Centrum voor de Kerkzang; church musician Christiaan Winter and musicologist Helen Metzelaar from the Stichting Vrouw en Muziek. (Dutch)


Article: Overweel, E., "Tera de Marez Oyens," in Metzelaar, H. e.a., Zes vrouwelijke componisten (Zutphen: Walburg Pers, 1991), p. 198-232. Pdf.

Web links

Genootschap voor Nederlandse Componisten: the professional association of Dutch composers.

Leo Smit Ensemble: the Leo Smit Ensemble focuses on the performance of music from less well-known composers and Leo Smit’s contemporaries. Moreover, the ensemble stimulates performances of contemporary music.

Netherlands Music Institute: archive of Tera de Marez Oyens.

Sound and Vision, Institute for Media Culture: audio visual archive, with works by Tera de Marez Oyens.

Nieuw Ensemble: ensemble focusing on the performance practice of contemporary art music. The composition of the Tera de Marez Oyens Prijs 2009 was especially composed for (some) members of this ensemble.

VPRO Themakanaal Eigentijds: digital channel of Radio 4 that focuses on contemporary art music.

Concertzender: a broadcasting channel for (contemporary) music.


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