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How to use the Oeuvre catalogue?

  • werkenlijst The catalogue consists of the following categories: An oeuvre list: published and unpublished works by Tera de Marez Oyens (scores, articles, fragments, compositional drafts, tapes, et cetera).

  • audiolijst A discography: LP and CD recordings from work by Tera de Marez Oyens.

  • av-lijst A list of radio and television recordings of concerts featuring works by Tera de Marez Oyens.

Download  extra information about the oeuvre catalogue. This catalogue does not contain complete manuscripts of Tera's works. To order sheet music you are referred to the publishers. For CDs/recordings click here.


How to use the Oeuvre catalogue?

For each category you may select or deselect filters in order to refine your search results.

If you are searching for violin music, please open the oeuvre catalogue and select ‘Oeuvre list’ under ‘Categories’. This will open a scroll-down menu. Further down below click ‘instrumentation’ and enter ‘violin’ in the empty box to release all instrumentations containing violin. Then select any of the instrumentations and choose from the works shown at the left side of the page. For the catalogue of a specific composition click ‘More information’. To go back one level, please click ‘Back to search results’ at the top of the page.

If you are searching for a radio or CD recording, select ‘AV-list’ or ‘Audio list’ in order to open the scroll-down menu concerned. 

Suggestions, input or comments? We look forward to your input!

There may still be privately owned works or recordings around which are unknown to the Foundation yet may be of major importance for making our catalogue more complete.

If you have this kind of information, please share it with the Executive Committee of the Foundation by sending an email to info@terademarezoyens.nl.



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